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Our daily lives have to be a satisfaction in themselves

cover of the alder & frankia bloodroot book

Announcing the second book from Alder & Frankia, published fall 2017! Our daily lives have to be a satisfaction in themselves is a handmade book documenting 40 years of Bloodroot, the feminist vegetarian restaurant, bookstore, & radical lesbian work collective in Bridgeport, CT. Comprising out-of-print personal-political essays by Selma Miriam & Noel Furie & many previously unpublished photographs by Noel, the book is Risograph printed, handbound, & 144 pages. $38 includes shipping in the USA. Edition of 200. More images & details forthcoming. Please note that while the books have been printed, they are currently being handbound. September orders can expect to ship by late October. Thank you for your patience!

back in stock: election 2016 zine

November 8, 2016

spread from November 8, 2016 zine

A zine made the morning after: heartrending photos from Hillary's Election Night Party. Proceeds are donated to the National Women's Law Center, over $400 raised so far. 16 page zine, Risograph printed in blue and black, saddle stitched, 3rd edition (1st and 2nd editions sold out). $7 shipped in the USA.

make the most

muffin bones #20

Basil is Dying

A zine recounting the 9 lovable lives of Basil, my cat of 14 years. Muffin Bones was the name of the zine I published from 1993–1998; as Basil became part of my life in 1997, resurrecting this title seemed appropriate. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hold your own cat closer. 2nd edition, printed Risograph (1st photocopied edition sold out). $3 shipped in the USA.

tours to an abandoned seaside park

Pleasure Beach Lives

From 2012–2014, as a socially engaged art project, I organized free walking tours from Stratford's Long Beach to Bridgeport's abandoned Pleasure Beach, a former amusement park. Often these tours would be led by local experts, such as historians, biologists, and wildlife conservationists. Photo by Kelly Jensen.

one mark one thousand times

Computer Cross-stitch

old american proverb

It is Best to Make the Best of the Worst

At American Fabrics Open Studios 2016, as a post-election fundraiser, I offered print-your-own letterpress broadsides on vintage paper targets. Proceeds went to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Over the weekend, $320 was raised. Due to popular demand, a second edition is now available for sale online! $10 includes shipping in the USA; $5 from each sale will be donated to CSGV. 12⨯9.25 inches.

$470 raised so far

letterpress on vintage wallpaper

The Garage Sale is a Metaphor for the Mind

Martha Rosler quote poster

album cover: games of skill & chance

album cover of TABLES

The TABLES s/t debut LP is a truly stunning improvised ambient album for the New New Age. It has become one of my all-time favorite records, so it is forever my honor to have designed the cover. Listen and purchase over at New Haven's own Safety Meeting Records.

the first book from alder & frankia

Beauty in Transition: Portraits

animated GIF of Beauty in Transition: Portraits

NYC-based artist Jody Wood created a mobile hair salon for people who are homeless and residing in shelters. Her project, titled Beauty in Transition, has been funded by A Blade of Grass, and featured by The Atlantic and MSNBC. This award-winning handmade book, published by my new imprint Alder & Frankia, documents Wood's project in a beautiful, intimate, and tactile edition while preserving the privacy of the participants. Read more about the project or

surveying the art-going public for their

Opinions on Art

a reversible poster for ilssa

Satisfied / Alienated Workers

Satisfied workers experience belongingness, autonomy, and the opportunity to develop new skills. Alienated workers experience centralized control, little community, and no recognition or opportunity for advancement. Which best describes your job? Rotate this poster to best suit your own working conditions. Handset wood and metal types, printed letterpress, for Impractical Labor. ILSSA members, you will receive your own copy in the next Quarterly!

ps contact sheet typesetting

Automated Hand-setting


marxian letterpress broadsides pegged to the dow

The Stock Project

a chronobiology self-test for ilssa

Making Time Quarterly

Are you always +2 at 11am? The summer 2016 ILSSA Quarterly included a self-test to determine your own personal time cycle, made in collaboration with Bridget Elmer and John Labovitz, along with an announcement about the first ever ILSSA Residency. Read all about it, and all about ILSSA, over at the Impractical Labor website!


one mark one thousand times

Computer Cross-stitch

experiments in paper typography

A Woven Alphabet

woven letters

study in limitations: a script written from a list


one white t-shirt styled 54 ways

Lookbook 54


What is the most reductive form that can yield the most variety in meaning? Possibly the white t-shirt. Tight it is James Dean, huge it is hip-hop. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. 54 different characters are created with nothing but one XL white t-shirt and common office supplies (binder clips, safety pins, duct tape) used as styling aids. All accessories serve a function and the shirt is never cut or permanently altered. Accompanied by the Lookbook 54 Companion, showcasing hair, make-up, & accessories created with office supplies. This project was a collaboration with Roxane Zargham, who made all the photographs. 116 pages, 7⨯10 inches, $30 shipped in the USA.